How can you create a safe sleeping environment? Here are some useful tips!

The room

  • The ideal room temperature is 20°C for babies up to 8 weeks old; for older babies 18°C will do.
  • Air out the room on a daily basis for 10 minutes, even in winter.
  • Never smoke in the bedroom or near your baby.
  • The baby’s bedroom is off limits to pets.
  • Blind the windows and install a soft night light.

The bed

  • Opt for a certified cot with bars.
  • Combine a slatted frame with an Aerosleep mattress for proper ventilation.
  • Always use an Aerosleep mattress protector and fitted sheet to guarantee optimum air permeability.
  • We strongly advise against cuddly toys, pillows and blankets.


  • Create a quiet sleep routine at a fixed time.
  • Leave approximately 20 minutes between feeding and bedtime.
  • Use a sleeping bag and/or a pair of pyjamas.
  • Always put your baby to bed on its back.

While sleeping

  • Check in on your baby some 10 minutes after it has gone to sleep to make sure it is still lying on its back.
  • Check the baby’s temperature by feeling the skin of its neck and feet. If your little one is sweating this means it is too hot.

Respecting these tips and developing a fixed sleep routine helps both babies and parents get a better night’s sleep. Sleep tight!

Source: Kind en Gezin

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