Tips for parents with twins

We asked you to send in your best tips for parents who are expecting twins. These were your answers.

1. Composure and routines will save you

Sofie: Composure is your biggest asset. If you yourself are calm your babies will be as well.

Kim: A structured life did wonders for us: changing, feeding, putting them to bed, etc. at fixed times.

Rowenna: Regularity works! When we fed one, we fed the other as well. They also slept at the same time.

Judith: We always woke, changed and fed them at the same time.

Sharona: Feeding, bathing, changing them... we did everything at the same time. That gives you the most respite in between.

2. Feeding time

Sofie: I would put both of them on my lap. Nice and snug, close to mommy!

Karen: My husband and I both hold one baby on our lap or we’ll put both them in their rocking chairs with one of us in the middle to give them their bottles.  When they weren’t old enough yet for a rocking chair we would sit them next to us in a rolled up blanket. That way it only took one of us to feed the two of them.

Aline: I feed them in turn. Whoever’s hungry first is fed first.

Linsey: We put them in their Max-Cosi to feed them.

Kim: We always fed them at the same time so we could also put them to bed at the same time.

Roxanne: When I was breastfeeding I used a twin breastfeeding pillow. Nowadays I put them in their rocking chairs and give them their bottle simultaneously.

Inge: All three get their bottle at the same time, that’s easiest for us.

Sharona: All parents with twins should have a twin feeding pillow, it’s worth its weight in gold!

3. Changing diapers

Sofie: When it comes to changing diapers they have to wait their turn. Sometimes one needs to be changed a bit faster than the other (laughs).

Karen: In turn, of course!

Aline: Sometimes one twin has to wait a minute, mommy only has two hands!

Kim: We also changed them at the same time as well.

4. Will I be able to tell them apart?

Kim: Of course, you can always tell your own children apart.

Rowenna: I have a boy and a girl so that’s not an issue.

Inge: I have dizygotic triplets so they’re easy to tell apart.

5. Don’t they keep each other awake a lot of the time?

Karen: They’re coming up to their first birthday and they sleep in the same room. They’re so used to each other that they don’t wake each other up. Even if one’s awake and starts to babble the other one generally sleeps right through it!

Kim: No, they don’t! They are used to each other’s sounds.

Inge: They’re used to each other and to sleeping in the same room. They’re more likely to wake up when we carefully crack open the door to their bedroom than when one of them is screaming its head off.

Judith: In the first few months they slept together in a single cot until they started pulling each other’s dummy’s from their mouths and unwittingly hurting each other. After 5 months they each had their own cot. We pushed their cots together so they could still see and touch each other.

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