What makes an AeroSleep pillow so special?

Why has AeroSleep developed the perfect first pillow for your child with many unique features?

1. Cover with an air-permeable 3D structure

This pillow’s cover has the same structure as our mattress protector. This will make sure that your child can continue breathing even when facing down into the pillow. The structure helps prevent sweating.

2. The stuffing

It is difficult to determine when your child could use a pillow and how high the pillow should be. Each child is different. To ensure the pillow is as customisable as possible, it can be used with:

  • Only the cover
  • The thinner stuffing
  • The thicker stuffing
  • Both types of stuffing

The firm stuffing will make sure that your child lies on the pillow rather than in it, which is often the case with adult pillows.

3. Hygiene

The pillow cover is machine washable at 60°C, which will kill all bacteria and allergens. The cover also has a water-repellent layer, so the stuffing will always stay perfectly clean.

4. Special pillowcase

This pillow needs a matching pillowcase in the same way that the mattress protector needs a matching fitted sheet. The cover has a snug fit and is perfectly air-permeable to ensure it does not obstruct the structure’s effect.

5. 2 sizes

Our pillows come in 2 sizes:

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