Tested and approved by TÜV Rheinland

To be able to guarantee the safety of our AeroSleep products we had them tested by several independent scientific bodies. One of these is TÜV Rheinland, a renowned and independent German test centre. Their experts stand for quality and the safety of people, technologies and the environment. The AeroSleep SafeSleep combination was subjected to their test programme to determine whether a baby can indeed breathe through the fabric. Curious as to the results?

How did the SafeSleep combination do?

The AeroSleep SafeSleep combination consists of a mattress, a mattress protector and a fitted sheet by AeroSleep. By placing the weight equivalent of a 5-month-old infant on the test material TÜV Rheinland was able to determine whether the 3D structure of our mattress protector in combination with the fitted sheet is as air permeable as we claim it to be. The tests were performed on unwashed mattress protectors and fitted sheets, as well as on protectors and fitted sheets that had already been washed 10 times. Is the structure really as safe as we’ve been saying, and is the product still as effective after 10 washings?

The results for AeroSleep

Even after 10 washings the SafeSleep combination continues to live up to its promise. Our product remained 2.5 times more air permeable than the minimum standards of TÜV Rheinland. That is why we strongly recommend always using our mattress protector in combination with the AeroSleep fitted sheet as the perforations in the fitted sheet complement that air permeability.

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