How to choose a good baby mattress?

A baby sleeps on average 16 hours a day, so, no wonder that a good sleeping environment is so important. A good mattress is certainly already an excellent start. After all, do you as an adult manage to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress? And does it not make you a little bit cranky? Well, that is exactly what we would like to avoid for your little one, for their and your peace of mind! What are the things you should be looking out for? This handy checklist will certainly help you along!

1. Firmness

Firstly, a baby mattress should be firm. If a mattress is too soft, the baby sinks into it, which is not at all good for their back. So, the firmer the mattress, the better the back support!

2. Hygiene

A hygienic sleeping environment is extremely important for your baby. So, select a zipped and washable mattress cover. Also, be mindful of the maximum washing temperature: washing at 60°C kills bacteria and house dust mite. This will ensure that your baby will always be sleeping on clean bedding!

3. Buying second-hand?

A second-hand baby mattress is significantly cheaper than buying a brand new one. However, do keep an eye out for any craters and marks. The mattress may also be less firm due to previous use. If there is no deformation, and if the mattress still seems firm, you can address the hygiene aspect with a new mattress protector.

4. Size

How to select the correct size mattress? This is quite easy. Measure the inner dimensions of the crib or baby cot, and ensure that the distance between the mattress and the crib/baby cot sides is never more than 2cm.

In terms of height, there is a difference depending on whether you are choosing a mattress for a crib, playpen and pram (6cm), or a mattress intended for a baby cot (8cm).  

5. Extra tip!

Always keep an eye out for the labelling on a mattress. The EN597 labelling is a European safety standard concerning the ignitability of mattresses.

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