Transition from cot to bed: do’s and don’ts

Moving from a cot to a bed is an exciting time. Will your child quickly get used to it or not? Is this the right time? We have collected a few tips to help you along.

From 3 years old

Generally speaking, 3-year-old toddlers are ready to move to a big bed. This is not the case for everyone, of course. Every child does things at their own pace.

Set clear rules

It is important that your child understands the rules associated with this bigger bed. Knowing that you can climb out of bed, does not mean that this can happen 50 times a night, for example. Make the rules very clear. Do keep in mind that a period of transition is only normal. So, don’t plan to do this when you know that you will be badly in need of sleep.

Poor sleepers

If your child is a poor sleeper, that can be a little bit tiresome. However, do not move your child into a bigger bed because you think that he or she will sleep any better. In doing so, you are giving a child who is already restless a whole host of activities that are so much more fun than sleeping: climbing out of bed, running around, going to see mummy and daddy, exploring the toys in the bedroom. Therefore, ensure that your child has already adopted a good sleeping pattern before moving him or her to another bed.

Involving your child

For toddlers, moving to a big bed is often a big event. They look forward to it as soon as you tell them until they are lying in their new bed. Keep those positive vibes going by involving your child in this transitional process. For example, you could allow your child to choose their new bedding. Don’t talk about it 24/7 either, so that you do not build up their expectations about this big bed too much. Explain that they will be sleeping in a bigger bed, but that this will be the only thing that will change, and that they will sleep just as well as before.

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