Evolution Pack: mattress + mattress protector

Evolution Pack: mattress + mattress protector

Mattress and mattress protector for intensive use. This mattress provides optimum lumbar support for your baby and the mattress protector keeps your baby safe while it sleeps.


This mattress offers high density (35kg/m³) as well as optimum lumbar support. The mattress cover feels soft to the touch and is machine washable at 60°C.

Mattress protector

Our mattress protector is equipped with a 3D honeycomb structure so your baby can breathe safely, even when lying on its tummy.

Knowledge lab

In our knowledge lab you can find out all about safe sleeping and it is also where we subject our products to rigorous and interesting tests.

How to choose a good baby mattress?

A baby sleeps on average 16 hours a day, so, no wonder that a good sleeping environment is so important. A good mattress is certainly already an excellent start. After all, do you as an adult manage to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress? What are the things you should be looking out for? This handy checklist will certainly help you along!

Functional test AeroSleep by Custom 8

Custom8 is a Belgian spin-off of KULeuven University that specialises in testing bed products. For AeroSleep they simulated the breathing resistance a baby would experience when sleeping with its nose pressed against our mattress protector.



After the good experience we had with this system for the bed, we also bought one for our new baby’s cot. The mattress is not as thick (5 cm), but it is firm and comfortable. The AeroSleep mattress protector is ideal! It offers firm support for the baby (who didn’t sink into it) and the top layer absorbs any spit or ‘accidents’. Machine washable at 60 degrees. Highly recommended!



When our first was born, we felt a lot more at ease with AeroSleep. Highly recommended.



We received a great deal of help from the lady in the shop. She immediately advised AeroSleep for the bed. The mattress protector is very practical: it immediately absorbs the moisture without letting any through on to the mattress and it is very easy to wash in the washing machine. The mattress is well made. Very happy with it!


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