Natural Pack: mattress + mattress protector
Natural Pack: mattress + mattress protector
Natural Pack: mattress + mattress protector
Natural Pack: mattress + mattress protector

Natural Pack: mattress + mattress protector

The mattress from the Natural Pack was manufactured with the environment in mind. The mattress core in Naturalis PU foam offers optimum support for your baby while the mattress protector with its unique 3D honeycomb structure creates a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Available in two different sizes.


The firm mattress core consists in part of natural oils and has a density of 35kg/m³. The mattress cover contains bamboo and is very soft to the touch. In addition, the cover is washable at 60°C, eliminating all bacteria and allergens. This mattress provides optimum support for your baby’s back and is wonderfully soft for your baby.

Mattress protector

With the AeroSleep mattress protector your baby is always supported by a firm air layer that also ensures optimum air circulation. Moreover, moisture penetrates the 3D structure and is caught by the absorbing layer, making sure your baby doesn’t come into contact with bacteria or allergens. The mattress protector is finished with an extra protection layer for longer life.

3D structure

Our mattress protector is equipped with a 3D honeycomb structure so your baby can breathe safely, even when lying on its tummy.

Absorbing layer

The absorption layer absorbs all fluids such as sweat, leaks and other little accidents.

Watertight layer

The watertight layer keeps all fluids out and keeps the mattress clean. This layer also protects the mattress against bacteria.

All characteristics of the AeroSleep mattress protector:

In addition to the air permeability of the 3D honeycomb structure, the absorption layer absorbs any fluids and the watertight layer protects the mattress. Safe, hygienic and practical!

Knowledge lab

In our knowledge lab you can find out all about safe sleeping and it is also where we subject our products to rigorous and interesting tests.

How to choose a good baby mattress?

A baby sleeps on average 16 hours a day, so, no wonder that a good sleeping environment is so important. A good mattress is certainly already an excellent start. After all, do you as an adult manage to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress? What are the things you should be looking out for? This handy checklist will certainly help you along!

Functional test AeroSleep by Custom 8

Custom8 is a Belgian spin-off of KULeuven University that specialises in testing bed products. For AeroSleep they simulated the breathing resistance a baby would experience when sleeping with its nose pressed against our mattress protector.



The mattress feels nice and the Protect mattress cover works perfectly. No stains on the mattress itself, as the cover stops everything.



Our baby is doing very well sleeping on the mattress. The mattress protector is also very convenient! We first thought it would be a little too hard, but this doesn’t seem the case. We also like that the protector absorbs and retains moisture.



Very convenient pack. Mattress and mattress cover are great. We chose the Natural for environmental reasons.


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