Does your baby have a hard time falling asleep? Then try these 10 tips!

Your baby is so beautiful, so sweet and so... restless? Not to worry. We’ve listed 10 tips that will help you ensure a better night’s rest for you and your baby.

  1. Make sure your baby’s sleep routine (take a bath, pyjamas on, drink milk and then bed) is always identical.
  2. Singing a lullaby or reading a story can definitely help. If this becomes a habit it is best to also integrate it into the sleep routine.
  3. Always put your baby to bed in the same place so he or she will automatically associate that spot with sleeping.
  4. Buy a night light. Looking around may reassure your baby enough to fall asleep.
  5. Try to spend a quiet evening. Exciting games, visitors and the blue light of a TV or tablet will make it harder for your baby to drop off.
  6. Put your baby to bed with the first signs of fatigue. When they are tired babies are often too frustrated to fall asleep.
  7. Your baby isn’t hungry or thirsty and it’s got a clean diaper? Then feel free to let it babble for 15 minutes.
  8. Don’t make a habit of rocking your baby to sleep. Learning to fall asleep of its own accord is a key step in your baby’s development.
  9. Make sure your baby is neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal room temperature is between 18-20°C. If the room temperature is not the problem, you may have used too many or not enough blankets.
  10. Still no luck? Then push the pram around for a bit. There’s no need to go outside for this. Another option is to take the car for a spin but only if you yourself are not too tired.
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