Mattress protector
Mattress protector

Mattress protector

Our mattress protector is equipped with a 3D honeycomb structure so your baby can breathe safely, even when lying on its tummy.

Knowledge lab

In our knowledge lab you can find out all about safe sleeping and it is also where we subject our products to rigorous and interesting tests.

Functional test AeroSleep by Custom 8

Custom8 is a Belgian spin-off of KULeuven University that specialises in testing bed products. For AeroSleep they simulated the breathing resistance a baby would experience when sleeping with its nose pressed against our mattress protector.



We also use them on our little girl’s bed. They give me peace of mind and keep the mattress nice and clean. Our girl was sick in bed a few times. AeroSleep is machine washable (at 60 degrees), so no fuss. The mattress is as new.



Our son Thijs sleeps on his stomach. Some friends told us about the AeroSleep mattress protector and we bought it straight away. We are now very happy with our purchase. We don’t have to worry about a thing at night. It is also easy to wash at 60 degrees and dries in no time.



Very satisfied! I heard the mattress also stays completely clean in case of bed wetting, so I am considering getting the Protect in a bigger size (90 x 200) in the event of any accidents later.


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