Putting your child to bed safely swaddled and at an incline provides relief from stomach cramps and promotes digestion.

How can you recognise stomach cramps?

Your baby will often cry inconsolably, arch his or her back, pass wind and frantically move his or her little arms and legs. Stomach cramps are common in babies up to 12 months, as their digestive systems are still developing.

How can I safely create an incline?

You can easily transform the AeroSleep PREMIUM mattresses into an inclined mattress yourself. This slight 7-degree incline promotes digestion and offers relief so that your baby's sleep is not disturbed by cramps. The incline is natural, as you are not only raising the head end. Your little one's neck and back remain well supported and free breathing is encouraged.

How can I swaddle my baby safely?

A swaddle sleeping bag like the ones made by Puckababy is a milder form of the traditional, tight swaddling in cloths. The Puckababy Piep envelops your baby like an airy cocoon. It is heat-regulating and not too tight. It gives your baby a sense of security that will make him or her settle into a deep sleep more quickly. A proper, deep sleep helps your baby to process stimuli and alleviates stomach cramps. The Piep’s abdominal strap will keep your baby securely in place and its slight pressure will provide additional relief from cramps.