Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find some frequently asked questions & answers.
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How does AeroSleep work?

Thanks to a unique knitting process, AeroSleep is a mattress cover which consists for 95% of open space. You can compress the 3D structure between two fingers but not across a larger surface. This structure ensures that underneath the body there is a ventilation layer through which the air circulates freely. Nowhere does the body come into direct contact with the mattress. This reduces both particular possible risks of cot death and sweating during the night.

What is the difference between AeroSleep and an ordinary mattress protector?

A conventional mattress protector consists of an impermeable layer which often causes a sweaty and therefore uncomfortable feeling.
AeroSleep has created a layer of air on top of the impermeable layer. This layer of air ensures that the body does not come into contact with the impermeable absorption layer below. This means that you lie on air and not directly on the fabric. Because of this, skin irritations disappear like snow in the sun.

Moreover, during sleep surplus body heat is evacuated and fresh air is supplied from the ambient surroundings. In this way, body temperature can be kept under control and there will be no more perspiration. This way AeroSleep guarantees a well-ventilated sleeping climate without sweating.

Does AeroSleep fit any mattress?

AeroSleep Baby Original and AeroSleep Baby Protect can be manufactured in any size. The AeroSleep Sleep Safe Pack is available in all standard sizes.
The AeroSleep products can easily be attached to the corners of the mattress with four elastic loops.


Yes, you can! Visit your nearest baby shop and provide your dimensions. The shop will contact us and place the order. If the cradle, cot or bed is rectangular in a special size, all you need to do is provide the dimensions. If it is oval shaped, we advise you to give the shop  a cut-out paper pattern in the shape of your cradle, cot or bed. You can also contact us directly.

Does every mattress need AeroSleep?

Yes. Dirt and moisture penetrate deep into the core of every mattress. There it forms a breeding ground for bacteria which may pose a serious health hazard.
AeroSleep Protect offers excellent ventilation preventing moisture getting into the mattress. The moisture disappears completely through the 3D honeycomb structure and is blocked underneath by an absorption layer and an impenetrable protective film. Washing it at 60°C will annihilate all bacteria.

Can the AeroSleep system be used with an ordinary fitted sheet or only an AeroSleep fitted sheet?

AeroSleep products work best with the right AeroSleep fitted sheets.

The AeroSleepBaby Fitted Sheet is an elastic fitted sheet made from breathing fabric specially developed for the AeroSleep system. The scientific tests of our technology were also carried out in combination with our fitted sheets. 

The AeroSleepBaby Fitted Sheet guarantees maximum air permeability. It ensures that there is as little obstruction as possible of air circulation between the baby and our AeroSleep mattress cover. It offers your baby unrestricted breathing, a lovely softness and healthy sleep comfort.

The AeroSleepBaby Fitted Sheet is certainly recommended for babies up to the age of two. After that age, you may also use an ordinary jersey sheet or molton fitted sheets.

Can AeroSleep be used in combination with sensor mats?

Yes, the AeroSleep mattress and mattress protector can certainly be used in combination with sensor pads. Independent research agency Sirris came to this conclusion after testing our AeroSleep mattress and mattress protector with various sensor pad brands and types. The result was unambiguous: using the AeroSleep mattress and Baby Protect mattress protector does not affect the operation of a sensor pad.

Read the full report here.

Should I use an additional mattress protector together with AeroSleep?

It is absolutely unnecessary to use any other mattress protector if you have an AeroSleep Protect.

This product combines all the necessary features of a mattress protector: it protects the mattress against dampness, dirt, dust, pollen and dust mites and, moreover, it can easily be washed at 60°C.

Does AeroSleep provide a solution for people who sweat a lot?

Yes. The AeroSleep mattress cover consists of 95% open space. Your body lies on a layer of air and is nowhere in direct contact with the mattress. The air can circulate freely through the 3D structure. Surplus body heat is released and fresh air supplied from the surrounding environment. This ensures that excessive perspiration can evaporate easily and that your body temperature is better controlled in winter and summer.

Are there babies or adults who do not tolerate AeroSleep?

To date, no cases have been recorded of people who do not tolerate AeroSleep.
AeroSleep is hypoallergenic, has anti-allergic action and ensures a sound and comfortable sleeping environment.

Is AeroSleep also suitable for bedwetters?

Yes. AeroSleep Protect is perfectly suited for children who wet the bed. Through the open 3D structure of the upper layer, the urine flows directly to the deeper, absorbent intermediate layer. Because of its air permeability, the upper layer very quickly becomes dry and comfortable again. The impenetrable protective film underneath the AeroSleep keeps the mattress spotlessly clean. After a 60°C run in the washing machine, the AeroSleep Protect is perfectly clean again.