Scientific tests

Our dream is to let all babies have a safe sleep. That is why AeroSleep is an absolute pioneer when it comes to sleep safety. We strongly focus on our own research and innovation. We also have our safety guarantees confirmed by independent testing centres to guarantee that our products do what they were designed to do: to let you and your baby enjoy a carefree sleep.

TüV confirms high air permeability

The air permeability of our mattress protectors was tested by German testing institute TüVRheinland, the worldwide leader in its field. The test was performed on an AeroSleep mattress cover and fitted sheet and confirmed the air permeability of our sleep products. 


Custom8 calculations find that AeroSleep’s breathing resistance is 10 times less than that of a normal mattress

Custom8 is a Belgian university spin-off of KU Leuven specialising in bed product testing. Custom8 simulated the breathing resistance of our mattress protector if a baby ends up face down with his or her nose pressing against the bed. The tests were performed with and without the AeroSleep fitted sheet and were compared with other sleeping products.


The results were clear: if the resistance of a normal cold foam mattress with a polyester cover is taken as the reference value, AeroSleep offers 10 times less resistance in a dry condition. In a wet condition, the reference value increased 6 times, but AeroSleep continued to offer the same low resistance as in a dry condition. This means that when wet, AeroSleep performs 60 times better than a normal wet mattress! When a (dry or wet) cotton fitted sheet was used, the resistance increased up to 4 to 5 times the reference value. The resistance of other tested mattress protectors was 4 to 9 times the AeroSleep value (depending on whether they were wet or dry and the sheet that was used).

Try it yourself!

If you are finding this all a bit too abstract and scientific, simply do the test at home! Take an AeroSleep fitted sheet and a normal fitted sheet (or a piece of cotton) and push each one against your nose. You will find that you can breathe through both, but the perforated AeroSleep structure offers less resistance. Now repeat the test with both pieces of fabric wet. Can you feel the difference?


RAM Consulting noted an exceptionally low asphyxiation risk

RAM Consulting tested the air permeability of the AeroSleep mattress protector with and without the AeroSleep fitted sheet in a dry and wet condition. The conclusion was that the AeroSleep mattress protector’s asphyxiation level is exceptionally low for children of all ages for both dry and wet bedding.


Centexbel measures how AeroSleep reduces the risk of overheating

The Technical and Scientific Centre for the Belgian Textile Industry Centexbel found that a mattress with an AeroSleep mattress protector leads heat away from the body up to 34% faster than a normal mattress.


Centexbel confirms our Öko-tex® certificate

Centexbel tested all of our products for harmful substances according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100, and gave it the Öko-Tex® label. This means that you can let your baby sleep on our products without any reservations.

Wish to have a look in our scientific reports? Feel free to contact us.