3D technologySafe breathing, perfect warmth regulation

As a brand-new parent, there’s only one thing on your mind: is my child safe? But you can’t keep watch 24 hours a day. You need plenty of sleep too in order to take care of your little one. A safe sleep environment for your baby allows you to sleep soundly as well.​

A genius technology to keep your baby safe​

AeroSleep® has developed a distinctive 3D knitted layer that guarantees air permeability, allowing your child to breathe easily at all times. This layer features a solid 3D honeycomb structure that forms a cushion of air for your child to lie on, which also adjusts to their body temperature and maintains a constant body temperature.

From wire to strong 3D honeycomb layer​​

30 years of knowledge and safety experience brought us to this level. Meanwhile, 1 mio of babies are sleeping safe and their parents having peace of mind.​

Tested and approved. Scientifically. ​

TÜV Rheinland tested the unique 3D structure with the special AeroSleep sheets on it. That combination lets air through 2.5 times better than the set minimum requirements. Even after 10 washes!

Custom8 compares the AeroSleep products’ air permeability with that of conventional bedding, both in a dry and wet condition. AeroSleep's 3D technology with the perforated fabric on it lets the air through up to 10 times better than other bedding. When wet, the AeroSleep products even let the air through up to 40 times better!

The tests by Ram Consulting proved the same. Once again, the combination of 3D technology with AeroSleep bedding proves to be the best way to guarantee free breathing.​ Both in a dry and wet condition.

Unlock a world of advanced products, all utilizing this powerful technology.

AeroSleep® Mattress protector

Newborn babies can’t yet regulate their own body temperature. So it’s important that your baby's room isn’t too warm or too cold. For the first two months, your baby will sleep best at a room temperature of 20°. For babies eight weeks old and above, around 18° is the ideal sleep temperature. Would you like more control over your little one's temperature? The air layer in our breathable 3D mattress protector conducts excess heat away. So you can sleep soundly: your child’s temperature will always be just right. 

3d mattress protector 3d mattress protector

NONOMO Baby Hammock in a Tipi Stand with a Motor NONOMO Baby Hammock in a Tipi Stand with a Motor

NONOMO® Swinging Hammock: Cocooning in a safe way

Let the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock wrap your baby in softness, soothe them to sleep and keep them close to you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Designed to be desired - NONOMO® hammocks come with an integrated AeroSleep® 3D mattress protector. Due to its 3D structure, it allows for free respiration and regulates body temperature. An absorbing layer ensures extra hygiene and the watertight layer stoos allergens and bacteria, keeping the mattress clean.

AeroMoov® Air Layer

Air Layer has been designed specifically to keep your child fresh and dry in its car seat or pushchair. 

The special 3D technology regulates the air circulation underneath your baby to stop heat from accumulating.

From now on, outings and trips in warm weather will be pleasant and carefree. Good for you and your baby!

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Frequently asked questions about the 3d technology and safe baby sleep

  • The safest sleeping position for a baby is on his or her back.
  • Position your baby by the bottom edge of the mattress, with his or her feet near the foot end of the bed.
  • Use a sleeping bag, or make sure the sheet is only tucked in at the bottom end.

Use a firm mattress that allows your child to breathe freely and stay at the right temperature.
Mattresses made of polyurethane (such as cold foam) are nice and firm and also ensure good air permeability and rapid moisture transport. If you combine this with the air permeable AeroSleep mattress protector, you immediately have a safe sleeping combination for your little one.

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Yes, discover our mattress packages for babies: 

AeroSleep is committed to creating a safe sleeping environment for babies.

For more than 30 years we have been developing safe sleeping products. What started with a mattress protector has meanwhile developed into an extensive range including mattresses, fitted sheets, bed bumpers, pillows, etc.

All our products are subjected to rigorous scientific tests performed by independent research centres, guaranteeing both you and us that your baby will sleep in a safer environment.