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SafeSleep 3D Bed Bumper

  • Bed bumper with safe AeroSleep®3D technology
  • AeroSleep bed bumpers are designed to guarantee unobstructed breathing through the fabric
  • An air permeable alternative to classic bed bumpers thanks to the AeroSleep technology
  • Protects your child’s head in its cot
  • Safe from birth
  • We ship to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany
  • Free shipping from 30 euros
  • 14 days reflection period
  • Pay as you want, even after delivery!

Bed bumper with safe AeroSleep® 3D-technology

The AeroSleep® SafeSleep Bed Bumper is unique. Thanks to the AeroSleep® 3D technology this is the breathing alternative to classic bed bumpers. The AeroSleep® SafeSleep Bed Bumper consists of 3 layers and provides optimum protection for your child in its cot.

Breathing alternative to classic bed bumpers

Children move around a lot in their sleep and frequently end up in every corner of their cot. This bed bumper keeps your baby from hitting its head against the side or head of the cot. The AeroSleep 3D technology included in the bed bumper guarantees unobstructed breathing through the fabric, even if the fabric is wet.

Practical in various aspects

This lovely bed bumper feels soft to the touch and is machine washable at 40°C.

The bed bumper is easy to fit snugly and safely on cots with dimensions 60x120cm or 70x140cm and on universal playpen sizes.




Aerosleep dimensions: 175 x 34 cm
Aerosleep material: 100% PES