AeroSleep® mattress protector

  • The mattress protector protects your little one thanks to the scientifically tested AeroSleep technology;
  • Unobstructed breathing and temperature-regulating under all circumstances.
  • Your child’s environment is kept hygienic and dry at all times.
  • Prevents skin irritation.
  • Machine washable at 60°C, offers protection against bacteria and allergens.
  • Use AeroSleep fitted sheets for optimum air permeability. Available separately.
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  • Order by 11:59 PM, delivered within 1-3 business days
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Safe breathing, regulates the temperature and absorbs moisture

3D Mattress Protector

Independent research centres have subjected the 3D Protector to extensive scientific tests. It always allows your child to breathe safely, regulates heat and absorbs moisture.

Each layer is designed to let your baby sleep through the night safely and in hygienic conditions. The 3D air layer allows free breathing and dissipation of excess heat. In addition to good breathing and a safe temperature, your child is kept dry at all times. All moisture passes through the 3D structure to the absorbing layer so your little one doesn't wake up early from skin irritations. Thanks to the protective layer, the mattress stays dry, clean and free from bacteria and allergens.

Machine washable at 60°!

AeroSleep® technology consists of 3 layers that always allow your child to breathe freely, maintain the right temperature and stay dry. Each layer of AeroSleep 3D technology has an important function to keep your child safe and well during his or her sleep:

Mattress protector layers

1. 3D structure
This layer ensures air permeability. Thanks to the firm 3D honeycomb structure, your child lies on a layer of air that makes sure he or she can always breathe freely. That layer of air also adopts your child's temperature and keeps it constant.

2. Absorbing layer
This layer keeps your child dry and prevents skin irritation. Moisture passes through the 3D structure and is then retained by the absorbent layer.

3. Watertight layer
It keeps bacteria and allergens away from your child to ensure optimal hygiene!


Scientific studies and certificates

All of our products have undergone extensive scientific testing at independent research centres, are Oeko-tex and Certipur certified and comply with EN 16980, the general European safety standard for baby mattresses.


Product details

  • 3D structure with AeroSleep® technology: 100% PES
  • Absorbent layer: 80% cotton, 20% PES
  • Waterproof layer: 100% Polyurethane
  • Finishing layer: 100% PES

What's in the box?

  • 3D Protector

Care & use

Machine washable at 60°C