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  1. AeroSleep® mattress protector
    Mattress protector
    • The mattress protector protects your little one thanks to the scientifically tested AeroSleep technology;
    • Unobstructed breathing and temperature-regulating under all circumstances.
    • Your child’s environment is kept hygienic and dry at all times.
    • Prevents skin irritation.
    • Machine washable at 60°C, offers protection against bacteria and allergens.
    • Use AeroSleep fitted sheets for optimum air permeability. Available separately.
    From €34.95
  2. AeroSleep® fitted sheet
    AeroSleep® fitted sheet
    • The original AeroSleep® fitted sheet for over the 3D Protector
    • For optimum breathing, temperature regulation and moisture absorption
    • Perforated fabric for optimum air circulation
    • Moisture evaporates easily thanks to the perforations
    • Soft and pleasant to touch
    From €11.95
  3. AeroSleep® fitted sheet for PREMIUM
    AeroSleep® fitted sheet for PREMIUM
    • Only suitable for AeroSleep Evolution Premium mattresses.
    • Specifically designed for use in combination with the AeroSleep mattress protector.
    • Contrary to cotton fitted sheets, AeroSleep fitted sheets do not absorb moisture. As a result, air permeability remains 100% guaranteed in wet conditions.
    • The fitted sheet feels wonderfully soft to the touch.
    • The AeroSleep fitted sheet is machine washable at 60°C, eliminating all bacteria and allergens.
    From €21.95
  4. AeroSleep® bed bumper
    AeroSleep® bed bumper
    • Bed bumper with safe AeroSleep® 3D-technology
    • AeroSleep® bed bumpers are designed to guarantee unobstructed breathing through the fabric
    • An air permeable alternative to classic bed bumpers thanks to the AeroSleep® technology
    • Protects your child’s head in its cot
    • Safe from birth
    • Suitable for baby cots that consist of bed bars along the 4 sides
    From €69.95
  5. AeroSleep® pillow
    AeroSleep® pillow
    • Your baby’s first pillow
    • Adjustable thickness thanks to removable filling
    • Safe in use thanks to the AeroSleep technology
    • Free breathing through the fabric, even when the pillow is moist
    • Suitable for a toddler bed or single bed
    From €39.95
  6. AeroSleep® pillowcase
    AeroSleep® pillowcase
    • Specially designed for the AeroSleep pillow
    • Guaranteed air permeability
    • Does not absorb moisture
    • Anti-allergen, machine washable at 60°C
    From €10.95
  7. Fitted sheet - bed - 110 x 60 cm - white
    Fitted sheet - bed - 110 x 60 cm - white

    Specific size for the AeroMoov Travel Cot

    • The original AeroSleep® Fitted Sheet for the SafeSleep 3D protector
    • For optimal breathing, heat regulation and moisture absorption
    • Perforations in the fabric for optimal air circulation
    • Moisture disappears easily through the perforations
    • Heat is immediately dissipated
    • Feels soft and pleasant
  8. Premium

    Safe and inclined sleeping with optimal comfort.

    • 1 mattress, 2 positions for flat or inclined sleeping
    • Optimal back support
    • 3D Protector included
    From €229.95