So, just when should your baby sleep on a slope? What’s it good for, and what’s the simplest way to create the safest inclined sleeping surface? Why is gravity good for babies tummies? Which slippery slopes are best avoided? Read on…


Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten

For baby problems, not problem babies.

Nothing is more essential than sleep, for your baby’s development as well as for your own wellbeing (and sanity!). So it’s important to make sure you all get all you need. Even when problems crop up, which they will! Inclined sleeping is one tool in the box. Along with regular routines for feeds, keeping bedtimes calm and quiet, and a safe, soothing sleeping environment.

When might I need it?

There will be times when your little one just can’t get to sleep – because of a nasty cold, painful colic, teething or reflux. More than half of all babies suffer from reflux in the first few months of their lives. Basically, food rises back up into their throats because their digestion isn’t fully developed and their muscles aren’t strong enough to keep food down. Spitting up milk is all part of growing up. Some babies might suffer from hidden reflux – no spitting but all the discomfort, especially when lying down. And they’ll probably let you know about it!

Luckily, something as simple as putting your baby to sleep on an incline can help.


How does it work?

Sleeping on a slight slope (an absolute maximum of 10º is recommended for safe sleeping) helps with all kinds of baby ailments, not just reflux.

If your mini does suffer from reflux or difficult digestion, the natural force of gravity keeps the contents of the stomach down, and for colicky babies, it relieves pressure on the tummy. And every baby is going to get a cold or a snuffle at some time in their young life! When it strikes, sleeping on a slope reduces pressure on tiny ears and helps your little one breathe more easily. And the better they sleep, the faster they’ll get better!

The recommended sleeping position is on their back, with their toes close to the foot end of the cot.


Proper pampering

When you’re so busy looking after baby, it can be hard to find time for you. We all need a refresh and reset from time to time, especially when the everyday is so exhausting. It could be as lavish as a whole day’s spoiling at a luxury spa – lucky you! Or as simple as a box full of your absolute fave bath and beauty products – with a promise to mind the baby while you enjoy them. With no interruptions when they can’t find the infant formula! It could even be just space in the day to read a book or watch that movie you never got to see. Whatever, it’s ‘you time’, and it’s golden.

The gift of sleep

Yes, yes, yes, we hear you say to this one! Just give me sleep! If you’re the parent rolling out of bed at every mini murmur or feed time alarm, try suggesting to your other half that they show a little Mother’s Day love by taking over for a night, and maybe even give you an extra hour or so in the morning.

Safety first

Like all expertly designed AeroSleep products, this comes with peace of mind built in. There are no loose parts, it’s designed to fit tight in any cot and creates an even slope to support your baby’s neck and back, not just their head.

Plus, every AeroSleep mattress comes with an AeroSleep 3D Protector as part of the package. Its innovative technology helps babies breathe safely in any position, it wicks away moisture, prevents skin irritation, regulates temperature, shields against allergens and bacteria and is 100% waterproofed in case of dribbles, drools and those little accidents and leaks.

What more could you ask? The Aerosleep Evolution Premium is the winner of two innovation awards and has been safety tested and certified by leading industry regulators. It’s probably exactly what your baby would tell you to buy. No wonder so many parents all over Europe already have!