When your baby is sleeping safely, you can sleep soundly too!


As a brand-new parent, there’s only one thing on your mind: is my child safe?

But you can’t keep watch 24 hours a day. You need plenty of sleep too in order to take care of your little one. A safe sleep environment for your baby allows you to sleep soundly as well.

Make sure your baby’s bed is safe 

Whether your baby starts in a co-sleeper or goes straight into their own cot, safety is the most important factor. A breathable 3D mattress protector offers your baby that safety; the protector regulates the temperature and keeps your baby dry. Your precious little one will always be able to breathe freely, even with their nose and mouth pressed to the mattress.

Tip: Choose a breathable fitted sheet too, to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your 3D mattress protector. 

AeroSleep® technology consists of 3 layers that always allow your child to breathe freely, maintain the right temperature and stay dry. Each layer of AeroSleep 3D technology has an important function to keep your child safe and well during his or her sleep:

Mattress protector layers

1. 3D structure
This layer ensures air permeability. Thanks to the firm 3D honeycomb structure, your child lies on a layer of air that makes sure he or she can always breathe freely. That layer of air also adopts your child's temperature and keeps it constant.

2. Absorbing layer
This layer keeps your child dry and prevents skin irritation. Moisture passes through the 3D structure and is then retained by the absorbent layer.

3. Watertight layer
It keeps bacteria and allergens away from your child to ensure optimal hygiene!

Comfort for poorly babies 

Does your baby often bring milk back up? This is because their oesophageal sphincter is not yet fully developed. You can reduce this reflux by raising your child’s head a little and allowing gravity to do its work. A raised position will help your baby to sleep more peacefully and more deeply when they have a cold or an earache as well. Which means you’ll sleep better too. 

Don’t try to do this by using things you have around the house, like putting towels under the mattress or blocks under the legs of the cot. Instead, choose an inclined mattress.  

Feeling secure helps your little one to sleep soundly

Newborn babies long for the safety of their mother's womb. That's why some babies always seem to find their way into the corner of their bed. Bumpers aren't usually recommended for use in cots, but if you can’t protect your baby, how can you get a good night's sleep? Choose cot bumpers that use breathable technology. And make sure the cot bumper is attached to the cot securely for optimal safety. 

The perfect sleeping temperature 

Newborn babies can’t yet regulate their own body temperature. So it’s important that your baby's room isn’t too warm or too cold. For the first two months, your baby will sleep best at a room temperature of 20°. For babies eight weeks old and above, around 18° is the ideal sleep temperature. Would you like more control over your little one's temperature? The air layer in our breathable 3D mattress protector conducts excess heat away. So you can sleep soundly: your child’s temperature will always be just right. 

Our 3D-technology

AeroSleep® has developed a distinctive 3D knitted layer that guarantees air permeability, allowing your child to breathe easily at all times.

Our mattress guide

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Can you help your baby to sleep?  

Rock-a-bye, baby. Discover scientifically proven ways to influence your newborn’s sleep pattern and start your parenting journey on a solid note. 

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