Congratulations! It’s your first, very own Mother’s Day. That makes it a very special day indeed. And you certainly deserve to be celebrated. You’re a miracle of motherhood! You’ve brought a new life into the world – so yours just isn’t your own anymore. You’re constantly on duty, dispensing never ending love, night-time feeds and fresh nappies. You may still be juggling a job along with the juice and mashed bananas. New mothers everywhere, we salute you!

Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten

So, just to make sure you enjoy the Mother’s Day you deserve, here are a few tips. Feel free to pass on to your loving, caring partner, your family and friends. Remember, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a frenzy of shopping and spending. Sometimes simple is best. The important thing is that you feel special.

Make it a date

Number one tip. Make sure the date’s in the diary. Write it on the kitchen planner, put a sticky note on their computer screen, make it out of magnets on the fridge, add it to your phone calendar and share it with your better half. Make sure there’s no forgetting your very first, very own day as a momma!

Breakfast in bed

The classic. Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without this. Maybe a warm croissant, fresh strawberries, steaming coffee. On a tray, flower in vase, served to you with a kiss while you lounge in your own luxuriously languorous bed. Maybe with your little one snuggled up beside you. Bliss! Even if you’ve provided the ingredients yourself! (Sometimes one’s got to be realistic!)

Say it with flowers

A pretty posy picked with care from your own garden and presented in an upcycled jamjar can speak love louder than the fanciest florist’s bouquet. Luckily, May is the perfect month for the brightest blooms, hothouse reared or homegrown.

Made with love

Naturally, as this is your very first Mother’s Day, your little one probably isn’t quite ready to draw you a card or craft a pottery dish. But all it takes is a little love and imagination on the part of your grown-up. Baby foot and handprints using washable, baby-safe paints. A favourite photo of you all in an off-the-shelf frame. And there are so many personalised products online – if they remember to order in time. Something unique to your tiny new family can mean so much.

Proper pampering

When you’re so busy looking after baby, it can be hard to find time for you. We all need a refresh and reset from time to time, especially when the everyday is so exhausting. It could be as lavish as a whole day’s spoiling at a luxury spa – lucky you! Or as simple as a box full of your absolute fave bath and beauty products – with a promise to mind the baby while you enjoy them. With no interruptions when they can’t find the infant formula! It could even be just space in the day to read a book or watch that movie you never got to see. Whatever, it’s ‘you time’, and it’s golden.

The gift of sleep

Yes, yes, yes, we hear you say to this one! Just give me sleep! If you’re the parent rolling out of bed at every mini murmur or feed time alarm, try suggesting to your other half that they show a little Mother’s Day love by taking over for a night, and maybe even give you an extra hour or so in the morning.


Of course, you’re more likely to relax and let go if you know your baby’s sleeping safely. So perhaps you should add AeroSleep to your Mother’s Day gift list. AeroSleep mattress protectors have an innovative 3D technology layer, so you know your baby will be breathing freely even if they’re the roly-poly kind who like sleeping on their tummies. They’re designed for maximum health and hygiene, too, wicking away moisture to keep sensitive skins rash-free, and with a built-in barrier against allergens and bacteria. You can sleep easy all night long, knowing they’re safe.

Flowers fade, but this is one gift we think you’ll be thankful for long after your first Mother’s Day is a distant, happy memory!

Time for family

Now you’re a mother yourself, you probably see your own mom (and maybe grandma, too) in a whole new light. So Mother’s Day is the perfect time for all the generations to get together and celebrate the sheer awesomeness of motherhood! The whole family crowding into the kitchen, or a table booked so nobody has to cook Whichever way you like to party, it’s all about sharing the motherly love.

Today’s the day and for the very first time, it’s your day!