Long evenings in the garden, people visiting, staying up a bit later. The holidays are a wonderful period for the whole family, but especially for the little ones. The start of the schoolyear is now nearly upon us, and it is time again to say goodbye to those pre-dinner drinks and crisps and to get back into the routine of a normal school day. Easier said than done? It is not that big an issue. Here are a few handy tips!

Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten

Start adjusting your schedule in good time.

Yes, it is still the holidays, but yes, you do have to go to bed now.’ Does that sound familiar? It is a good idea, however. At the end of the holidays, start building up the hours of sleep up to a normal routine, even if it is only by 15 minutes a day. Don’t wait until the end of August. It is best also not to plan in too many activities during the last week of the holidays. Having peace and quiet is important too.

During that period, end the day in good time.

Also ensure that all those electronic devices are switched off in good time and avoid sugary drinks after 3 pm. In the afternoon, allow enough time to get into ‘resting mode’ instead of keeping everything exciting until just before bedtime. That may seem obvious but during the holidays that is often not that easy to achieve.

Rituals, rituals, rituals!

People are creatures of habit, and that goes for people of all ages. Get into fixed rituals for bedtime and for getting up in the morning and life will be all that much easier. Cleaning teeth, reading just one more story, cuddle time... it is easy to find comforting rituals.

Opt for the best quality of sleep.

As soon as you have put your little one to bed, it is important that they sleep through the night. An undisturbed night is the best preparation for a fun and busy day at school! Choose the most comfortable mattress possible to ensure your little one settles down and stays settled. Select a mattress that provides good back support and a good breathable mattress protector. Perfect for a good night’s sleep, all safe and sound. 


These tips will enable you to prepare for the start of the schoolyear. Good luck!