What about little naps at school? Is that possible? Many toddlers still have naps until they are 4 years old. But what if your toddler no longer wants a nap? After all, school is exciting, and playing is so much more fun! No worries, here are also a few handy tips to enable your child to get enough (sound) sleep during school time.

Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten Zomerse slaaptips voor warme nachten

Start with half days at school, and half days at home.

Does your little one still need a lot of sleep during the day, and is it not possible to have a nap at school? Then do start your child with a half day at school and a half day at home. Spending the morning in the classroom, and the afternoon asleep in their own little bed at home. If this is not possible for work reasons, you could also alternate half school days with full school days.

Avoid naps on the way home!

So, your little one still needs a daytime nap, and it is possible to do that at school, but your toddler finds playing just too much fun and napping is just a waste of time. Or your toddler perhaps does not need any more naps during the day, but is completely exhausted after a day of playing and learning?

Well, in that case you probably have a child who likes to nap on the way home, a sweet little toddler who is exhausted straight after school and falls asleep in the car or on the back of your bike. Proof of a great day at school, but not a good idea for your little darling’s sleeping routine. It is important to avoid this becoming a habit. You will therefore have to try and wake up your little one and to keep them awake until it is nearly time for bed. We understand, this may result in your toddler being a little grumpy, but that will only last for a little while. Promise ;)
You could also put your infant to bed a little earlier on those days. They will not wake up any earlier. Rest assured.